FWBeauty Complexion bar

Clear Complexion Facial Cleansing Bar

Retails at £14.99 - 90grams


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This bar will last you over month (even more) with twice a day use.

Suitable for all skin types but mainly for dry to normal skin.

Natural cleansing bar made from skin superfood Shea Butter, and crucial cold pressed oils to give your skin a healthy glow. 

The light exfoliating properties contained in this bar is from the high-quality nourishing Rhassoul Clay, sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. 
With regular use, the bar will repair and heal the skin- resulting in an even complexion and radiant glow. 

Please do a patch test on the inside of your arm before using on your face. If you are sensitive the bar, please discontinue use. 

Avoid contact with eyes. If the product does get into the eyes, wash out with cold water and pat dry. Seek medical help if irritation occurs. 

Lather between hands with water, and apply generously on damp skin as you would use a soap, lather onto your face, avoiding direct contact with eyes. 
Gently wipe away product with a damp cloth. 

For maximum product, potency avoids exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. 


That was the details for the completion bar which I highly recommend. People who suffer from acne-prone skin, loads of blemishes this bar is great. The feedback and before and after success is great. You have to use it religiously for a one time. Best to start off using this bar as your face wash. Use twice daily morning and evening, then follow by toner and moisturiser. 

My first impression:
Right, you know how soaps have that dry sticky feeling once you wash it into your face. This does not feel like that:). I was worried it will feel super dry but once you wash your face it doesn't feel dry at all. More soft and a nice texture. So that's a big positive for me as I expected the bar to be like a soap. It makes your skin feel so clean and fresh and smells so organic. No strong scent just a mild light scent. My hubby said the same. He really likes it and will continue using the bar twice a day in his skincare routine. I will keep you all posted after a few weeks of use.
I store my bar in a small closed box, which helps to keep it clear and bacteria free.

They have so many good reviews I don't expect anything less :) 

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