Derma V10

Cream, Lotion and Body Butter

Ok by now you guys should know am obsessed with this range. Love all their products and they a super affordable for anyone to purchase. 

I have been using these daily moisturising body lotion and hand cream for a while now and I really enjoy how fast they glide on and they do help with moisture. The hand cream is my must have in my hand bag now. Its a good size and works well with my dry skin. Does not irritate the skin and doesn't have a strong perfumery scent like some hand creams do. Being pregnant I find it so hard to apply some lotions and creams all over body as you really need it to sink in to the skin. Basically takes ages to apply and you have to rub for so long to get rid of the white lotion colour. This lotion works wonders. Honestly am not just saying it but it works so fast and spreads so quickly. It really half's the time of moisturising my whole body. Now that is something I would recommend for ladies who are expecting or even the busy ones that just want a quick application.

Body Butter

I was sent these Body Butters to try out. Firstly the scents are gorgeous. Mild and refreshing once applied. They really remind me of the Body Shop range. They have more in this range and have a newer packaging. Ideal for people who have dry skin. Can be used all over the body and face too. Very creamy and helps smooth skin after a good warm bath or shower. Would highly recommend these products to dry skin types. It's nice to look after your body and smell nice too. We should all have something nourishing after a bath or wash to apply all over and this is something anyone can afford.


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