Derma V10

Hydrating Woven Mask

Tryed this mask out for the first time on Instagram the other day and I asked if you ladies wanted a review. More Then 75% said Yes. So let's start off with some product information before i get into my thoughts and impression.

This is a hydrating Vitamin E woven mask with Aloe Vera. Helps moisture and hydrate your skin, increases the natural exfoliation rate and improves your skin texture.

How to use : face needs to be freshly cleaned.
Open the face and remove the white pearlized film. Apply mask making sure there are no air bubbles. Leave in for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask gently and massage leftover product into skin.

Ingredients and caution e.t.c all stated on the back of the packaging.

Against animal testing, Paraben free and suitable for vegans.

My family have had the virus and looking after them ment me slacking in my Skin care routine. I had to use a mask to start it off and tryed this Mask out. Firstly its easy to use, instructions are simple and to the point. When I applied the Mask it gave an instant revitalizing feeling to my Skin. It litrally woke me up. So cooling and the lightly fragrance was really refreshing. I thought it would have a strong aloe Vera scent but it didn't which was nice. The mask had a nice amount of product so it was dripping everywere like some others do. I messaged the fave on to my Skin and made sure there were no bubbles. If I remember correctly I had it on for over 20 minutes but usually I do like to wear them a little longer as it really helps my Skin texture. Once i removed the mask, I did exactly what the instructions said to message leftover product into to skin. It felt so nice and smooth on my Skin  and sank in nicly. Leaves a little sticky feeling which drying so that acually good if you were to apply make up straight away. Honestly my Skin needed it and this Mask worked to help my dull tired skin just get that boost and back to feeling amazing. I have Dry skin and my nose area was really dry and flaky. Using the Mask helped my whole face get back to a normal skin texture instead of certain areas being super dry.

I will be purchasing more of these and using on days when my Skin is really need of tlc. Also great to use on yourself before applying a dewy skin finish make up.


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