Professional Beauty
 25th Feb 2018 - Excel London

This is the Year is the Year were I will try my best to attend many Events as possible. Finally got to visit Professional Beauty held in Excel and thought why not share my experience and what the Event is about.

It's all Beauty related under one roof. Mainly Spa and Skin care professionals. They also have Nails and Make Up brands too. They had more Make Up brand this Year then last Year so that was a bonus for me. Professionals all over the world exhibited the show and even visitor came flying out for this event.

I get newsletters and information via Email about this event as I subscribed many Years ago. This is how I get to know dates and timing for shows before hand and can arrange a visit. This Year visitors had to register to get a free pass. Which I think was great. Any one can visit and get the chance to see the show and exhibition. I got to experience a little VIP experience. As a Blogger and having access with a Press Pass gave me the chance to have extra fun. This included VIP goodie bags and treatments. Loved it :)

Just to give you an idea of how the process works: Once registered online you will need to print out your badges for the event.
Once you enter the building you have to collect your badges at the allocated area which you print out and get entrance into section where Pro Beauty event is taking place. Excel is huge and has so many areas. There was also the Bike show which was on in a different section.

Once you enter you can get lost easily as there is so much going on. Loved the feeling. In every entrance area they had big boards showing all stands, numbers and brands that were exhibiting. So to be honest it was very well organised and you wouldn't really get lost ( Its just a saying as it was huge) I liked how they sectioned all Nail professionals in one area, then you had Warpaint. There were live demo's taking places in many areas along side treatments. Make up and Beauty were sectioned in an area and Skincare and Spa professionals were sectioned in a different area. Its very beneficial for people who are in the beauty industry. From small businesses to large wholesale business, it was all there. 

It was a nice experience as I went there for the first time. Found it interesting to trial out many new products like massage balms and Skin care products. I even got a few which I will be testing and reviewing soon for you all :)

Here are a few brands that are well known and recognised worldwide that were exhibiting at the Event.

Matis Paris
Nouveau Skin Therapy
I Image Skincare

Ardell Beauty
Lovegrove essentials

Make Up 
Make Up forever
Pretty Vulgar

I havn't even mentioned Spa, Cosmtic Beautry brand other Beauty brands as there was just so many under one roof.

Here's a quick Vlog I managed to do:

Will be visiting next Year as am sure they will have more added brands and more make up brands :)

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