Creightons - Made in England

I have personally never heard of this brand and only came across it recently. I didn't think much of it at first if am honest. I just thought 'O this is cheap let me try it out' OMG not just cheap but once I got the range home and used it. They are great quality products and value for money. So I picked out the Body Wash from the range. I bought these from Home Bargains and for some reason that one shopping trip I made was well worth it. Found so many great Skin and Face products. 

Left : Micellar & Pink Grapefruit
Middle : Charcoal & Argan extract
Right : Coffee & Coconut extract

Here are images of the front and back of packaging. This tube come in 250ml. Retails at 99p. Yes only 99p.

Each tube has its unique smell / fragrance. I really like a strong Spa kind of smell so these area amazing. It you don't like strong smells then maybe this is something you should check before purchase. They all work different for example the Charcoal wash is the cleanse and help detoxify skin and the Coffee wash uplifts and refreshes tired Skin. Details of each wash are on the images.

So simple to use. Once you skin is wet in your bath or shower. Gentle massage in the wash all over skin and then wash with warm water. I loved how the Charcoal wash was all black toned and really gave my skin a spa feel.

Has anyone tried these? If so what did you think of them?

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