Lets Talk about Coconut Oil!

Here's a few Coconut Oil range from Holland and Barret's. Coconut Oil has so many benefits. People who suffer from Dry Skin or just Winter Skin they apply this stuff and it does wonders. Specially during night application and it really helps Hair feel smooth. You can use this to deep clean your Hair and even in take daily as a supplement. Coconut Oil is good way to remove Make Up too. Let me break it down a little more what this stuff can be used for.


Firstly wash your Face with warm water to clean pores and then cold water to close up the pores. Apply the Coconut Oil directly to you Skin using your fingers and massage it in circular motion. Leave it in over night for smooth soft Skin.
This is the one my sister is currently using and she claims this is the best as it really helped her Dry Skin and some imperfections too. She addicted to using it and never misses a night. I will be purchasing this one next and using as my night cream.


This is the best method when using Coconut Oil for your Hair. DO NOT microwave, direct gas heat or pan heat any Coconut Oil as this is reduce the quality of the Oil. Place the required amount of Coconut Oil in to a small bowl. Pore warm or boiling water into a bigger bowl. then place the small bowl on top of the water. ( Just like we do when warming up baby food ) This will melt the Coconut Oil. Once its melted and runny, you can massage it into you Hair and Scalp with your fingers. You can also use a tooth comb to brush the Oil through evenly. You can leave the Coconut Oil for 30 minutes or keep in overnight. When washing your Hair, use warm water and Shampoo a few times if needed to get the Coconut Oil out.
If you want to help the ends of your Hair then you can rub a small amount into the Hair with your finger, this will help Condition the roots.


Simply apply the Coconut Oil directly to your Face. Massage it into your Skin and Make Up in circular motion. Then wash it all off with warm water or wet face flannel to gently wipe off. This is such an easy method and it doesn't tug or rub harshly on your Skin.


Now I don't take Coconut Oil personally however I've heard many positive feedback from my own that do orally take Coconut Oil. It good for your digestive system, burns belly fat, fights inflammation, increases energy and many more factors. I wouldn't go over board with the in take but a little on Salad dressing or daily small in take on empty Stomach is good.

This ones great for cooking and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. You can get specific Coconut Oils for just cooking too.

Hope this helped break down simple ways to use the Coconut Oil :)

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