Winter Hair specially for us Hijabis!

Hair care is important too. Not just Skin. What you eat makes your Hair more healthy plus builds strength. So add in those Proteins for additional benefits to your Hair and Skin.

Wearing Hijab means leaving your Hair knotted into a bun for hours and hours and then even lazy modes which lead to NO brushing for days. Yes we have all been there, not brushing our hair then that leads to a massive hair knot. That then becomes such a struggle to get out. Its more easy for us girls who wear the Hijab to ignore Hair care and just put your Hair in a bun and forget about it.

Well here are some Simple and effective ways to change up your Hair Care which will keep your hair healthy and maintained.

Morning Routine
After washing your face before you Moisturise get that Hair brushed. Open your hair and brush it daily. Its Sunnah. Brushing your Hair with a Detangle is better that way its made more easy. Even if your running late a 3sec brushing will make such a difference.

Weekly Routine
Don't wash your Hair daily, at least every other day or max 3 days apart. Use a Shampoo that works for you and buy the same branded Conditioner which you should use at least once a week. Deep Cleaning your hair would mean putting in that Conditioner from scalp to tips. Brush with a toothcomb gently through to the roots. Clip your whole Hair up and leave in for 10-30mins. Then wash away with cold water. This will make your hair feel amazing and super shiny.

Monthly Routine
Trim 1/4 of the ends every month or two. This will help get rid of dry ends plus split ends. Now there are so many Homemade Remedies for Hair. I just like to stick to the classic Coconut oil or any rich oils which have added benefits. Currently I am using:

Vatika Cocconut Enhriched Hair Oil

This one helps your Hair gain Volume and Thickness - added goodness Coconut. Castor and Henna. You can buy this product from Tesco, Pak Cosmetics Shop in Green Street or a lot of Indian shops store them. Retail price £2.99 - £4.00 (Sizes very)

Baby Oil

Time to time I like to use the standard Baby Oil. You can add a little water to the Oil and it really locks in the Oil. You can purchase this from many major stores in different sizes.

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil is one of the best which I do time to time. Best way to use this is by added Olive Oil and massaging it well into your Hair and head. This on I bought from Islamic Impression in Green Street. It contains pure Nigella Sativa Oil. Use before use by date. This Oil can also be taken as a daily supplement.

When it hits Thursday I like to Oil up my Hair as I let it sit in my Hair over night and wash it out on Friday Morning. A tip which will get you into habit. Friday prayers you do you Sunnah Bath/Wash. then why not Oil up night before and wash it off on Friday Morning or before Jummah Salah :)

If you are not doing any of these routines, I highly recommend you start NOW! its a must guys xx

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