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I have been using this brand for a while now and wanted to share two products I have genuinely enjoyed adding to my routine. Night oil and their new self-activating clay mask.

The oil is brilliant. I know a lot of skin types will love it especially great for anyone who is worried about starting an oil in their routine or have very sensitive skin.

Here's more information about the oil and mask first before I share my full review and thoughts.

Night Face Oil

A blend of 9 beautiful luxurious ingredients that are natural and organic. The oils will help your skin feeling hydrated, plump, giving you that perfect morning glow whilst helping tackle problematic skin and sensitive skin. The oils are fast absorbing whilst deeply nourishing into the layers of the skin, promoting healthy skin turn around giving the skin the ultimate transformation for problematic skincare. 


What is different with our formulations?

Our formulations use luxury ingredients that are used in high percentages. Unlike other brands, we will not be diluting these powerful performance ingredients in a large percentage of carrier oils. We ensure we use enough to ensure you get the best out of the ingredient to maximise the benefits.


Just add a few drops into your fingers, then massage into skin before bed, the oil should be the last step of your skincare routine. The oils will help replenish, intensively hydrate and helps the skin feel softer, firm and fresh for the morning sun! This product contains Orange essential oils, which aids that radiant glow the next morning! It helps tackle hyperpigmentation, scarring, uneven skin tones and helps reduce symptoms of acne.


Key Ingredients :

Olive Squalane: Helps moisturise the skin, it is similar to skin's natural oil (Sebum). It also protects against moisture loss, perfect ingredient for dry skin!

White Poppy Seed OilImproves firmness, deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin. Doesn't clog pores, helps balance Sebum production. This oil also helps promote cell regeneration and helps sooth inflammation. 

Meadow-foam Seed Oil: Helps lock in moisture and prevents water loss through the skin. Helps nourish the outer epidermis, perfect for those who suffer dry skin.

Broccoli Seed Oil: Acts as a barrier protecting you from environmental stresses. Helps keep the skin looking plump, firm and hydrated. Broccoli seed oil is also known for its great anti-ageing benefits such as its high in antioxidants like Vitamin A. It is high in Omega-6 which are soothing fatty acids. These nutrients deliver hydration whilst calming inflammatory skin conditions like acne and eczema. 

Please find full ingredients and more information via Soloskin London Website:

You can choose from two sizes and they have fragrance free version available.

Self - Activating Clay Mask

Natural Clay from the beautiful French Mountains. This clay mask is for those who suffer from oily skin. The clay absorbs the oils whilst deep cleansing deep into the pores removing any bacteria, dirt and reduce the size of your pores.


What’s different about this formula?

Most masks you will find that they are ready to use. However, we want to make the mask that was customisable. You can use this mask by adding water or floral waters to the mixture a little at a time until it is a thick consistency.


TIPS: Add a couple of drops of the Night oil into the clay mask before mixing with water to get the flawless radiant look. 

Key ingredients:  

Green Clay: Is a fast absorbing clay which helps pull out impurities whilst cleansing deep into the pores, helping your skin look glowing and healthy. Green Clay also helps with re-balancing sebum production.

Jojoba Oil: This oil is like the skins natural sebum which helps regulate our oil production within the sebaceous glands. Jojoba oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties which helps with calming and soothing redness from a breakout.

Broccoli Seed Oil: Acts as a barrier protecting you from environmental stresses. Helps keep the skin looking plump and firm. Broccoli seed oil is also known for its great anti-ageing as it is high in antioxidants vitamin C.

Available in two sizes 100g and 25g - Also have fragrance free formula.

More details:

I used the oil for over a month and found my skin feeling so soft and supple. It is brilliant for night use however I found you can use the oil during day time and before makeup as a primer. The oil with a slight scent is lovely, love the fact they have fragrance free formula for those who wish to not have any fragrance. My Sister has very sensitive skin and she has been using the oil every night over a month. She loves it and has mentioned her skin texture has improved a lot.

I love clay mask so this was exciting to test out. It works very well in tightening and drawing out dirt from the skin. I would suggest this more for oily skin as they would love it. Can be used once - twice a week for a good skin treat. Adding the oil to the mix helps to soften the paste and gives skin that little nourishment before washing the mask off. Drys fasts and can help with problematic skin if used long term.

Honestly the formula and products are amazing. Would highly recommend for sensitive skin.

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