Korganics range

Korganics range

Natural and Organic skincare

I was kindly sent these skincare goodies (Gifted) to try and test out. I have previously heard of this brand via Instagram and seen a lot of great feedback and reviews. If you beauties have been following me from day one skincare challenge, you would know how much I love naturally made products.

First Impression

I started off by using the Charcoal face wash and scrub. This is one of their popular and most used products. I was impressed with how it can be used as a general daily face wash and a weekly scrub. You only need a little and it covers the whole face. It's a light to medium paste in a grey charcoal colour. No scent which is an advantage to those who don't like any fragrance or scented products. ( This is the same with moisturiser and Vitamin C face wash and scrub ) I really liked how soft and smooth the face wash and scrub felt and glided on to the skin. Was really easy to wash off as well as leaving the skin clean and soft. I used it that same evening and again it was lovely. No irritation, no harsh feeling. I was told by a follow how her tub lasted over 3 months and it lasts for a very long time 😊

Vitamin C face wash and scrub i used as a mask. I shared this with you ladies on my Instagram and told you how much i loved and enjoyed using it. This dries out completely on to the skin. It felt like there was nothing on but once washing off first with a little warm water. You can feel the little exfoliating particles working away on the skin. It allowed further affiliation and felt skin feeling and looking so bright and clean. I used a thin layer and left onto ski for 10 minutes as instructed. Once i dabbed dryer my skin, i toned and went in with their moisturiser. The cream looked very thick but it was a medium thickness and once finger was dipped into the tube and applied onto the skin. It was cooling and the thickness felt more light and glided all over fave very nice and smoothly. Left my skin feeling nice. The combination of the scrub and moisturiser together was great.

So putting all three products in one word, I would defo say amazing! Worked well on my skin and done what it claimed each product to do.

I wanted to further test if they really work well into a religiously daily and weekly skin care routine so I got my sister (Who by the way is super sensitive to a lot of products even the mildest ones) to use for 2 weeks. She has previously used naturally made products which unfortunately didn't work and she came out with a lot of redness, dryer out skin and left the surface itchy. Not going to lie I was worried when i gave her the products to use and try out as i didn't want any issues for her skin. She added a very mild toner and a night oil to the routine.

Morning: Vit C face wash and Scrub followed by toner and then Brightening moisturiser.

Evening: exactly the same as the morning routine. After moisturising an additional night oil was added. This helped to further soften and keep skin hydrated during the night.

Weekly:  Once a week the Charcoal face wash and scrub. Applied a thin layer on to wet skin and left on for 20-30 minutes as instructed. Once dried washed with warm water.

Her review after 2 weeks of use:

*My 2nd Week* there's been no negative changes to my skin in fact better. Its softer, natural glow and no stinging or blackheads remain on my nose. Usually, i have dryness around my nose and upper cheeks but all that has gone. My skin tone is even across my face. This mask is lovely. Once a week for 20-30mins and i feel the glow and softness straight after use. So far so good love it no regrets. This will be her skincare routine from now on :)

Check out the website for full product listing and prices.

Instagram: Korganics_skincare

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