Vitamin C in your Skincare?

Vitamin C in your Skincare ?

Ok so many brands are adding Vitamin c in their range or have already got some sort of boosters or creams which have Vitamic C as the main ingredients. Now what does this do to our skin? Does it actually help or benefit when adding to your skincare routine? Ok so let me share some infomation I have learnt and understood. I want to keep it simple and explain in the easiest way. I won't go into the science of it ;)

Vitamin C helps to boost and repair your skin from aging as well as any sun damage. It penetrates into skin deeply and help prevent further skin damage due to pollution and sun rays. It also brightens skin and strengthen your skin elastic. Vitamin c helps to refine lines and wrinkles as well as preventing further lines and wrinkles. It is recommended to apply this before mositering as it is thinner and can penerate into skin better or you can mix in with your chosen moisturiser. Some boosters are a week long with a high % of Vitamin C and others you can use daily into your skincare. All depends on what your prefer using and trying out. Personally I love both ❤ Will be testing and trying out some during the skincare journey.

Here are some that I would recommend and have tried or will give a go to test and see how it works on my skin.

Clinique Fresh Pressed™ 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C
Retails: £25.00

Brighten the complexion with the Clinique Fresh Pressed™ 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C; an anti-ageing regime that arrives in a weekly dose. The set contains a potent cleansing powder and an innovative, skin-boosting solution. The duo work in synergy to deliver youthful skin that is visibly rejuvenated. Housed in stay-fresh packaging, each Vitamin C product is isolated until exposure to oxygen, which activates the formula and allows for maximum results.

Fresh Pressed™ Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C (7 x 0.5g) Transform the way you cleanse with the Fresh Pressed™ Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C; a water-activated powder enriched with fresh Vitamin C to brighten the complexion. Forming a luxurious lather upon contact with water, the Fresh Pressed™ formula is effortless to apply and allows for an exhilarating cleansing experience. The cleanser delivers instant results, revealing an awakened complexion that is purified, refined and visibly bright. Without stripping skin of essential moisture, the face wash is gentle yet effective and is ideal for preparing skin for the Clinique Fresh Pressed™ Daily Booster. Fresh Pressed™ Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% (10ml) Rejuvenate the complexion with the Fresh Pressed™ Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%; a concentrated, anti-ageing solution that works to visibly even and brighten skin tone. The Fresh Pressed™ solution works as a daily supplement for fatigued, ageing skin. Effortlessly blending into a daily moisturiser, the Vitamin-rich emulsion boosts the hydrators effects, invigorates skin and transforms its texture. Fine lines, wrinkles and age spots are visibly reduced, instantly leaving the complexion bright and youthful.
How to UseCleanser: Use in AM to jump-start skin's natural cellular renewal process.  1. Pour powder into wet hand.2. Add water and work into lather.3. Gently massage over skin, avoiding eye area.4. Leave on for 1 minute to capture the potency of pure Vitamin C.5. Rinse well. Booster:  1. Leave cap on. Remove foil.2. Firmly press inner bulb twice to release Vitamin C powder into the soothing emulsion.3. Shake 15 seconds, and before each use.4. Remove cap.5. Mix 2 drops with your moisturiser AM and PM to power up your regular routine.

I used this once and i loved the feeling of it. This is the one that i plan on adding to my skincare very soon.

Vitamin C Glow-Protect Lotion SPF30
Retails: £15.00 - 50ml

Enhance the natural radiance of your skin while helping to protect your complexion from the sun with our SPF30 moisturiser. Ideal for daily use to hydrate and help to protect, leaving the skin looking glowing. For dull, tired, grumpy skinSPF30 with UVA and UVB protectionHydrates and helps protects skinGives skin a brighter, more radiant appearanceSoftens and smooths.

Retails: £10.00

This lightweight booster supercharges your beauty products with antioxidants for added protection. These concentrated drops give a nourishing Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Snow Mushroom Extract boost that's perfect to use alone or to add to any foundation, liquid, or cream. Ingredients we love: Vitamin C - Antioxidant that helps brightens and rejuvenates. Vitamin E - Antioxidant that helps nourishes and renews. Snow Mushroom Extract - Helps hydrate the skin.

Apply a few drops and massage onto clean skin. Damp skin will help enhance absorption or mix with your moisturizer or foundation and then apply. Blend evenly into the face, neck, and chest.
Use as often as desired.

Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Glow Boost Skin Serum 30ml
Retails: £16.99 - 30ml

Vitamin C+ Advanced anti-ageing care with a high performance pro-collagen Vitamin C active for a more youthful, healthy glow and a smoother, retexturised skin appearance.

Bring a new radiance and clarity to skin with this concentrated supercharged brightening serum.
A unique combination of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and an effective skin lightening algae extract aim to deeply replenish, boost collagen synthesis and enhance the appearance of skin. With regular use skin appears smoother, more radiant and youthful looking.

Super Facialist is a comprehensive range suitable for everyone - combining natural extracts, high performance scientific ingredients and exquisite aromas to give the best results - healthy, beautiful youthful looking skin.
Before applying your day or night cream, massage a very small amount, not much bigger than the size of a pea, gently onto cleansed face and neck. Follow with your day cream for maximum benefit. For best results, use daily for a minimum of 3 weeks.

This next one is a very affordable and has really good reviews. I am going to try this out as I want one type of serum yo use daily.

Superdrug Vitamin C Booster 30ml
Retails £4.99 for 30ml

Detoxify your skin Infused with Vitamin C  Leaves skin softer and brighter With kakadu plum & goji berry extracts Benefits ‭Kakadu Plum – ‭which has the highest known ‭concentration of Vitamin C of any food on the planet. ‭Goji Berry – a superfruit known to induce calm, ‭wellbeing and energy Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Dermatologically approved.‭
Warnings or Restrictions ‭CARE AND SAFETY ADVICE: Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Rinse well with water immediately if product gets into your eyes.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: After cleansing, apply a small amount of the booster directly to skin and then follow with a moisturiser. Alternatively, mix 3-5 drops in the palm of your hand with your chosen moisturiser, blend until smooth and massage into skin.

Ok so that was a few good selection which very with price. They all work well with different added ingredients.

Would love to know if you have added any to your skincare regime and if so which one and why?

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