Basic foot care

Your basic guide to FOOT CARE

Simple and easy to follow for everyone. Men and Women both including children should look after their feet. It's a part of your body that is worked all day long but less looked after.

Recommended daily care:

Change your socks daily. This helps to avoid any odour and bacteria build up from a long day of wear.
Working Full time? Make sure your shoes are comfortable. If you have to wear heels, try to change them and wear flat comfortable shoes while going to and back from your workplace. Avoid wearing heels for a long period of time.

Wash your feet daily but don't use too much soap, shower gel or anything that can cause you to lose the natural oils on your feet. Make sure feet are properly dried especially between your toes. That's where fungal infections starts and can spread. (Will go into details soon regarding athletes foot)

Daily moisture. I would say night time before you hit your bed is the best to really nourish those feet. Moisturise them using a good dry skin cream or any specific foot cream. Foot lotions are great too. Just apply over the top and bottom of your feet. You don't have to apply it between your toes. If you suffer from really bad dry feet then do it twice a day.

Trim your nails once a week. If yours grow super fast then do as it is needed but its good to trim down long nails weekly to avoid any ingrown toenails and just keeping hygienically clean.

Exfoliate your feet. Now this is a good idea to take off the dead skin on your heels mainly. Just like any other parts of our body feet needs exfoliating. Good to use pemi stones or file it down using a foot filer. Again will share more tips and advice what's best as we go along.

Foot packs I would personally use once every two weeks. It nice to treat your feet with a good foot pack. If your skin is really dry and you have hard skin on your heels then you can start off using packs once a week to soften and clean your feet. Daily care will result in better foot care but if you don't look after your feet correctly then it can result in dry dull rough skin. Winter and cold weather can really effect feet which is when you should do more to keep them hydrated and maintain a routine.

Anyone who is diabetic or have any medical issues with their feet, please seek professional medical help as well as a regular foot care plan. Your Doctor's will be your first call or visit a Pharmacy and speak to the Pharmacist as they are trained and have professional knowledge to advise you what's best.

These are my take on foot care. Daily and weekly care is a must. Just like skincare, foot care during winter should be done.

Next post will be all about cracked heels...

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