Are you cleaning your hairbrush?

Wash your Hair Brush

Every tool needs cleaning, just like when you do your Makeup, you need your brushes and blender cleaned.  Hair brushes are one of them too...

A simple way to clean your hairbrush:

Grab a good size bowl that fits your hair brushes inside. Fill up with warm water and add in baby shampoo. Any mild shampoo is great.
Leave into a soak for 30 minutes. Please note wooden brushes shouldn't be left in for too long, you don't want to ruin the wood.
Once you take the brushes out, using either tweezers to remove hairs or what I prefer is using a small baby toothbrush and brush out all the dirt and hair. So easy and leave your hairbrush fresh and clean.
Let the brush fully dry before using again.

That's how simple yet effective his method is. Hairbrushes can build up dust and small hairs and its recommended to wash and clean at least once a month.

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