Adding SPF to your skincare

Adding SPF to your skincare

What and why do we need SPF?

I don't want to complicate or get into the scientific facts about the sun. You can get full details in many articles and just basically google the reasons. I will put it in the simplest form, SPF which stands for sun protection factor is a must all year round. This helps and prevents skin damage, long-term ageing and to the extreme facts prevents cancer cells. Yes, sun rays can really damage our skin surface if it's not protected or looked after in the right way. A lot of people like to get a tan or sit in front of the Sun, however, 5mintues can really damage the skin if protection is not used. It is recommended to use SPF regularly on summer days. Even in winter, it is highly recommended to continue using SPF to protect the skin and helps to prevent wrinkles.

When should we use SPF?

In your morning routine after you moisturize, let your skin soak in the moisturiser then apply SPF on top to protect your skin. Again there a lot of debate on do you apply before or after moisturising. I've found it makes more sense to apply SPF at the end of the routine so it is the last product on your skin surface which is protecting your skin. Unless you are applying a moisturiser which already has an SPF factor of 30 at least which will do both moisturise and protect.

How much SPF should we wear?

Right, that's another complicated topic. You would think the higher SPF the better protection. No, it actually doesn't work that way. The factor says between 30 - 50 is so small. It doesn't double the protection as the percentage is really small. You get more protection on an SPF 30 than an SPF 50 in terms of timing. Even I get confused if am truly honest. I really don't want to get you
confused but put it this way make sure you wear SPF 30 daily on exposed areas of skin ( which is your face mainly ) as this will protect you 30 times longer before burning from the sun rays.

Will share some good SPF creams and moisturiser.

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