Primark Masking range

Primark Masks

I love the fact nowadays you can find everything in Primark. I love how affordable they are and they always have a good selection in the bigger stores. These are some of the masking products I found the other day during my shop. From eye masks to so many types of clay and sheet masks. They even have a massive range of other skincare and body care products. Also not to forget I noticed hair care now too. I really wanted to get my hands on the new Alex Stienherr skincare range but they were out of stock in all 5 ranges. I tried Westfield (Stratford) and Lakeside Primark both places had no stock. Wow, they must be popular. Anyone can start off with some good bits from Primark and invest in other products later. Next time you pop in have a look there is always something for everyone.

All skincare products start from 99p to max £10 which is a bargain.

How cute is this Face Mask mixing kit? You can use it to make your own homemade masks or lip scrubs. Only £4.00. Comes with a bowl and two types of flat brushes to apply the mask with.

They have so many buffing and sponges for the body. This is cute. Silicone exfoliating brush. This is used to exfoliate your whole body. You can use on hands and feet too.

Big selection of masks. They have cute Disney variety. 

I spotted this multi-pack of the mask. Looks quite good. Who doesn't love the word Glow?

Just a few bits I spotted for masking. Honestly, I like Primark's range and so glad there is an affordable range for everyone's budget.

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