Maybelline - The Colossal Mascara

These are currently my most used Mascaras. I love how it lengthens and adds so much volume to my natural lashes. However there is one down point...

Let's start off with some product information:

Volume Express Mascara (Yellow bottle): 100% Black. 10.7ml. 6 months use once opened.

Go Extreme! (Black bottle): Leather Black. 9.5ml. 6 months use once opened. 

Both have a slight different wand shape. Go Extreme is a little biggern it has a double pump wand. Both work exactly the same way and creates the same result on lashes.

Both retailed at £6.99
Superdrugs always has great offers so you can get these on buy one get second half price at this current moment.

Ok so why I love them so much is simply because they really do make your lashes more fuller and give that false lash look. The whole range (Colossal) is great and they do have waterproof ones too. Now I only have one negative issue to point out... They crumble away :(

Unfortunately after a while you get the product crumbling off on to your skin. It doesn't bother me as it is such a good Mascara, however I wouldn't recommend it if you want to wear for nights out or occasions. I usually just brush away the crumbles from under my eyes. The weird thing is it doesn't really make your lashes look less fuller. The product still does justice to the lashes and lasts for hours. So no need to top up or re-apply. That's honestly the only down point but other than that, great everyday Mascara that actually works! And it doesn't cost much!

I love a good Mascara that does the job with two coats :)

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