Sakinas Secret Hair Mask Oil

I love natural and homemade products and this was something I had to try as my Hair really needed looking after.

Here is some information about the product first before i get into how iv been using the Oil.

Benefits using the oil :

• Helps to reduce hair loss
• Enables hair follicles to work when the oil is massaged into  the scalp
• Brings back your natural shine
• Helps regrow your hair faster
• Gets rid of itchy scalp
• Gives life to dry and dull hair
• Helps to reduce hair from greying

Directions on how to apply:

•Ensure hair is dry
•Apply a small amount of oil onto your palms and rub well into your scalp. Repeat this process until you are satisfied.
•Massage the scalp for around 5-10 minutes as this will enable the hair follicles to heat up.
•You can apply some oil onto your hair, but do not soak oil as we do with other hair oils as this is mainly for the scalp.
•Men can also use this oil for their beards and also on their hair.
•Can also be used in children

For quick results to help reduce hair loss, use oil at least 2-3 times a week. Once you apply the oil, sleep with it overnight and wash the next morning, however if you do not wish to keep on overnight, apply the oil and leave for more than one hour and then wash your hair.

All ingredients used in Sakina's Hair Mask Oil are 100% pure natural oils.
Raw Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.
Please note there are no traces of animals and it's chemical free.

Price and bottle sizes available
100ml £15.00
250ml £18.50
500ml £23.50

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All shipping in the UK - FREE

Please visit Instagram : Sakinahairstylist for more information and orders.

I have been using the oil for over a Month now and I have noticed a difference with my hair. It's less frizzy, less hair is falling and yes growth is there. I have had to trim away my ends as its growing and feeling more fuller. As a hijabi meaning wearing head scarf I do easily forget to take care and even comb my hair at time ( Yes i know that sounds horrible but am being honest ) Since I have been using the oil, I have been wanted to look after my hair and been trimming combing & washing regular as normal.

I have been using it as an overnight treatment. Once i wake up in the morning I wash my hair with my normal shampoo and hair instantly feels so light clean and sleek. I like to natural dry my hair so I have seen my hairs fizz calm down so much. It has a mild scent to the oil which I quite like as it feels like I have something in my hair. The good thing about the oil is its working and I can see it working more with longer use.

If you have not tryed it and want your hair to benefit - Give this oil a go. Honestly you won't be disappointed 💜

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