DermaV10 Mascara
Volume and Length - Black

Who doesn't love a good Mascara. When I received this I was quite excited to try and review this as i love DermaV10 products. Let me share some information about the Mascara first before i get into my review.

I like the packaging. Hot pink and black. They continued the theme on box and Mascara. Back of the box contains ingredients for both Mascara and eye liner. 
Caution: Avoid contact with eyes.

The Mascara gives your lashes luxurious volume and length. The fuller brush makes it easier to capture each largest ensure full and even coverage. The free black eye liner pencil glides easily in the skin to help outline the eye. 

Directions to apply: For a more dramatic effect apply the Mascara until you get the desired look without letting it dry between coats.


First day test was great. I wore the Mascara over 10 hours and it lasted. No crumbling, no smudging and no clumping. That's was great as the rest of my everyday make up came off except the Mascara. I curled my lashes before applying the Mascara and I have to say they stayed curled with the product on the whole time I wore it. Sometimes I find with certain Mascara's my lashes don't stay curled for long. It just goes back to normal meaning straight lashes with the Mascara on. Odd? But that does happen to my lashes sometimes.

Ok so the only negative comment I can make during he day test is when it came to removing the Mascara, I did my normal face wash routine which takes of all make up and days pollution off my Skin. I noticed the Mascara did come off however it took of some of my lashes with it :(  That usually does not happen but I will test this out again with out curling my lashes and washing off at the end of the night to see if this happens again. It may not be the Mascara so I will give it another test without curling my lashes this time.


Second day I applied the Mascara before school runs and this time I didn't curl my lashes. The wand really helps the lengthen part for the lashes and separates each one. Again no issues, irritations, clumping or smudging which was great. I love a lot of Mascara so I would really need to use another volume Mascara to make my thin lashes look more alive and fuller. So later that evening I washed off my Make up using my face wash as I do, this time only one lash came out and the rest was fine. So that a good sign. I generally don't think its the Mascara that's making my lashes fall out. ( I am currently trying out another product as a night routine it may be that which is causing my lashes to fall - Review will be up soon for that product )

Swatches of the eyeliner. It's nice and glides on easily as an eye liner and under water liner.

Overall I really liked the result of the Mascara. I would say it's more lengthening and separates all your lashes nicely. I can see my self creating more volume with a good couple of coats which means allows each coat to dry and keep adding.

I would recommend this Mascara to anyone that just wants a good everyday Mascara in their hand bags or make up bags.

You can purchase these at Savers or Home Bargains. Great affordable prices. I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for a daily use and for beginner's that want to try out without splashing out on expensive products. Cute gift for teenages too ;)

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