Clinique Mascara
High Impact lash elevating mascara

I love that the fact the wand is shaped like a Christmas tree ;). It's thick to thin and the bristles swirl around which helps the mascara give each lash an even coat.

Day 1 - Full day wear

I really enjoy wearing mascara that easily applies on lashes. This defo is easy to use and easy to layer. I didn't curl my lashes on the first day of use but still it worked well. Had it on all day over 8 hours. No smudging, no fall outs or irritation. When it came to washing it off, it was pretty tough. I always use my face wash which takes off everything. This mascara was quite hard to take off so I washed it twice then went in with miscellar water which took off the last bits.

Day 2 - Another method of taking mascara off

Ok so second day I did the same. Wore the mascara over 8 hours and it didnt budge. I even had a little nap with my little one and it didn't even smudge onto my pillow or rub under my eyes. So that's a great thing lol even though I know I shouldn't be sleeping with it on. This time I used the Clinique take your day off which helped soften the mascara but didn't take it off in one go. I had to go in and wash it with my face wash to remove all the mascara properly.

Day 3 - Curled lashes before applying

It made a huge differnce when curling lashes before applying the mascara. It really lengthened my lashes and added more volume when coating it a few times. I say both ways work but my lashes are short and so fine. It does make a difference when I curl them first.

I really like this Mascara. I would wear this for special occasions or days where I need to have my make up on for a long time without topping up. It's worth having a branded mascara in your kit that works very well. Yes it's tough to take off but I don't mind that as the product works well in many ways and lasted for so long.

This retails at £19.50
It does exactly what it says on the bottle, which is clump, flake and smudge resistant. Fragrance free and has two shades. Black and Black Brown. Suitable for all eye colours, skin type and contains 8g of product.

I defo reccommend this mascara. It's for all the mascara lovers 💜

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