Winter Skin!!!
Even Snow hit us. Boohoo :(

So Autumn is over and Winter has hit us. Well where in the middle of Winter Season really. We have all taken out our Winter Wardrobe and packed away all Summer gear. This is the best time to switch up your Skincare routine too. We don't realise but this is essential and a must as the Weather changes our Skin and Body need more TLC.
You might think you don't really need to change anything however you do! As the Cold hits us our heating indoors rise and this can course dehydration to our Skin. From outdoor to indoor our Skin will be going through so much more problems. Even with people who have Oily or Combination Skin need to make changes. Well if you have Oily Skin your pretty lucky during this Season. The Weather really makes a huge difference to our Skin. Iv noticed how itchy and extra dry my Skin gets during this Season so heres how i change up my routine.

Morning Routine

Once am awake, I firstly get rid of all the dead Skin thats just formed during the night sleep. After brushing my teeth, I work on my Skin. I use my basic (Works very well for my skin) Boots range face wash.

This helps to really deep clean my Pores and all the Moisture locks in when iv creamed up my Skin. Once thats all done. O Not to forget i wash my face with Luke warm water not hot warm. After washing, I dab my Face with my face towel not rub. I use my all time Favourite Astra Cream. Its an Oil base Moisturiser. Works very well with my Dry Skin.

Weekly Routine
During the week, I use Scrubs and Facial Masks to help tighten and remove Dry Skin. Yes this is another good way of really taking care of your Skin. Not just the Face but we should do this on our Body too.


I use this St,Ives 3-4times a week during a shower or Bath.

Before Make up & After removing Make Up

Before I apply my Make up, I use my Cleanser & Toner. Currently using the Nivea brand.

Once that's all Cleansed and Toned I work my Skin with a Silk cream or an Oil to really get my Skin smooth.
When removing Make up, I use my Garnier Make up remover. Once removed I use this Cleanser & Toner again then Moisture with an Oil base cream. ( Astral )

Night Routine

Once the night falls. I repeat all morning steps but not scrubs or its over doing the Skin. The additional add on is a Night Oil. Currently am using Bio Oil, I know its strong and used for other purpose but wow it really leaves the Skin feel super soft and smooth like a babies bottom ;)


Its so important to keep the Moisture in your Skin so every time you wash your Face, Don't forget to Moisture with your daily cream.

If you stick to this religiously, you will see a difference in your Skin. You have to maintain it and look after it with Weather change.

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