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Pro Filter Foundation

I have a video on my YouTube Channel about this Foundation. Click on link to watch full video.

Here is an updated review about this Pro Filter Foundation. I have mentioned how flawless this Foundation makes my base look. My skin just felt and looked amazing. Doesn't feel cakey or thick at all. I loved how the shade wasn't too Yellow or Orange in anyway. I didn't really speak much about the Foundation oxidising. Now that I've used it for longer period of time and worn it for few hours, I thought I'll mention how it works.

Does this Foundation Oxidise?

Yes it does. Firstly a brief meaning of Oxidation - When the Foundation meets Skin and Air, it reacts by getting darker as the day progresses. This happens to a lot of the Foundation in the Market and this is one of them. I've noticed how quickly the Foundation turn a shade darker on my Skin when I've applied after moisturising my Skin. When I use a Primer or Silk cream and mix the Foundation with the lighter Foundation, it doesn't Oxidise so quick. It acutely stays the similar shade for couple of hours. When I apply highlighter ( Liquid, Cream Concealer ) contour or powder on top. That stops the Foundation from getting any darker.

I thought I threw away the packaging but I found it. Here's how it looks. I always prefer some sort of outer packing for Make Up products with more information on it. The back contains the Ingredients in English as well as other information but in another Language. The only part I understood where the 'matt long wear foundation' which obviously stating its a matte long wear Foundation. O I just got that this Foundation is made in Italy so it must be all written in Italian. I do like this black and white writing package. Its clear and looks high end.

Once opened, the bottle is very pretty. I love the white and glass finish. This incudes a pump and has a good strong lid.

I would love to hear what other users opinion is on this product. If you have any questions, feel free to ask...

Love this Foundation :)

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