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Oils of Life - Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

I have been using this Oil for nearly 3 months now. It lasted me quite a long time. I used this mainly at night time and before I applied make-up as i have dry skin.

Here's some Information about this Oil. The bottle comes in two sizes:

30ml retailed price at £30.00 and 50ml priced at £38.00.

I guess the larger bottle is worth buying as there is an £8.00 price difference. Once bottle is opened, it has an 18 Months use by date. This Oil is made out of 99% of Natural Origins. It claims to have a non-sticky feeling and absorbs into your Skin quickly. Also it has other benefits when using for a long period of time. Such as Skin feeling more firmer and eradicated, also reduces signs of ageing.

I used this religiously on a daily basis. Applied a little amount which covered my whole face. It did make my Skin feel amazing and the smell of the Oil was very Spa like. I really like the pleasant scent in the Oil which made me want to use it daily. The Oil made my Skin feel very soft in the Mornings and kept my nose area hydrated. When applied under my Make-Up, it made the base feel hydrated and less dry looking. Those were the Positive facts about the Oil however the claims the Oil makes didn't really work for me. I have other Friends and Family that use this Oil and have found it really helping under eyes or reduces age signs.

Would I continue using it?
I personally didn't feel like it worked for MY Skin. Other than smelling amazing and making the Morning wake up pleasant with soft Skin the main reason why I bought it didn't really work. In general its good. One drop goes along way. So with this Oil its a miss for me but a hit for others that are currently using it. It just shows this Oil work better on some Skin types not all.

Would I buy it again?
I would still buy this Oil in the future just for general Night use as it makes the Skin feel super soft, but wouldn't use this product on a long-term basis.

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