Dry Feet

Simple ways to make them smooth like a babies bottom...

I hate my feet, am sure so many of you feel the same. How easy is it to just ignore them by putting on a pair of socks and thats it. Well iv stopped ignoring them and really taking care of them. Its so important to look after your feet and maintain them daily.

Here's how iv actually stopped my feet from getting so dry and no more cracked heels. So simple and so effective.

Step 1
Moisture daily before you wear your sock and foot wear for the day. This helps to keep it moist plus prevents your feet from constantly rubbing against your socks and shoes through out the day.

Step 2
Simple night routine. You can do this every other night. Soak feet for 5-10mins into a bowl of warm water. Exfoliate gently using a foot scrub or those exfoliating gloves. Once exfoliation is complete immediately rinse feet and Moisture.

Step 3
Sleep with your feet all Moisturised.

Yes petroleum jelly - Simple Vasleine really helps to lock the mositure in and keep your feet feeling soft and smooth.

By apply Vaseline all over your feet and then sleeping with your socks on. This makes a huge difference and softens your feet immediately.

No more Dry irritated feet. This is perfect to get a head start for Summer feet ;)

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