My Daily Skin Regime

It is so important to have a regualer Skin Regime for yourself. Your Face is the most seen and exposed part of the body as well as the most sensitive. Looking after your Skin is the first thing you need to do, Specialy when it helps to get a flawless application once Make Up is applied 😉

I always complain about my Dry Skin. Specialy in my T Zone areas. That's my main issue so I am always keeping on top of moisturing and sticking to a regular Skin Regime. Heres how I maintain my Dry Skin as well as having a regualer method to help my Skin feel refreshed.

My favourite Face Wash. Its a Boots brand Facial wash. I have been using it for years and it works well with my Skin. When i wake up in the morning after brushing my teeth, i go in with this wash and rinse it out with warm water. Once i washed my whole face i dry my face with a towel and moisturize with cream.

My current cream is Astral. Love how mositruising this is. It really helps my Dry areas and leaves my Skin feeling smooth. When applying Astral i rub it in circular motions all over my Face and kneck. This helps to lock that moist in 😀

I repeat the same method in the evenings before I go to bed. I reccomend sticking to Washes, Creams, Mositurizers that work well on your Skin. A lot of people think just do it once and your Skins good to go. Wrong! You must do this twice a day. During the day time your Skin picks up so much dirt and pollution. During night time your Skin is still working very hard and uses up alot of your water which dehydrated the surface and allows all the dead Skin cells to sit up on your Skin. This is why once your up and awake its really good to give your Skin the wash to remove all dead skin off the face and allows your Skin to feel and be clean proply. So no just by washing your face in the evening dont mean you wake up to clean Skin.

Iv noticed a difference in my Skin by sticking to a regular Regime. It really does help maintain my Dry Skin as well as a great surface to apply Make Up.

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