Get Ready with Me!

My Go to Make Up...

October and November 2017 will be Months which I show off some Make up looks. I will be doing loads of Fresh Make Up Tutorials. I am keeping them quick and simple. Want to show you that you can create Looks without using a lot of products as well as less Make up application ( No Cake Face). I will use different Brands and techniques too.

My Look I created  ↓ ↓

I Love a Fresh Look that's doesn't take up a lot of your time and makes you look Refreshed.

Specially when you want to look awake after a long day at work or even after you have just woken up.
My take on a Fresh Make up Look is for Skin to look Dewy or a Natural Finish. Highlighter to get those main areas to pop out and just Simply to Enhance your own Beauty. Everyone wants their our Feature to stand out and why not. My main issue is my Brows, I hardly have any... This topic will be up soon on my blog - How to Enhance your own Beauty with your unique features :)

Hope you enjoy this Video and feel free to let me know if there's any specific Looks you'd like to see.

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