Make up Revolution Pro HD
 Amplified 35 Luxe

So i have been using this Palette around 3-4 months now and i absolutely love it. Sorry couldn't wait to use it so iv digged into alot of the colours ( As you can see in the images ). I purchased it at Westfield Superdrugs, as that was the closest store to me plus it was in Stock. Yes i checked whether they were stocked as its a popular Palette and most small stores were out of stock. I didn't expect to love this Palette this much and now its become a favourite which i pick up straight away when i want to do my eyes or my clients.
The quality is great especially for the price. This is a great dupe to the Morpe Palette. From other reviews its even better then Morpe Palette. I did alot of research before i purcased this Palatte.

All the tones and shades have great pigment and last long. Its not full of talc so there isnt alot of powder fall outs or breakage in the eye shadows itself.
There are 35 shades and its a mix of shimmer finish and matte finish. Most are netural golds, purples and plums. The matte are from neutral, brown and a black shadow. The black is acutely good. Pigment again is fab and blendable. Seriously this is such a good Palette for beginner's as well as Pro's.

Ok so to top all the positive talk, theres a full size mirror in this Palette. Yehhhh thats a great extra for anyone and it stands up. So you can leave it on top of you desk or hand without the mirror part falling down. The packaging is great too. I love a black simple finish to any packaging. Also this Palette came with bubblewrap around it so it protected the Palette and shadows from breaking. Now thats a good point.

All i can say is i really didnt expect this Palette to be a favourite and I love it.

Honest review : Highly reccomend this Palette.

Retail Price £15.00
Even better when theres 3 for 2 offers at Superdrugs :)
I love a bargin specially when products are this good.

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