2 Litre Water Challenge Review

If you have been following me on my Instagram page ( Shahnazislam_) you will no I have been doing the Water Challenge for a while now. I started couple of Months back and acutely did it for a whole Month. All I can say is WOW I noticed a massive difference. When I first started, I did have headaches and run to the loo so often but that's all normal as the body is getting use to a new change. I never drink much water so that was a massive change for me and my body.
On my second week I realised how energetic I was. I hardly complained about being tired. The best was my Skin, that changed so drastically. I have super dry Skin, nothing ever works to make it smooth. But the water challenge really helped hydrate my Skin. I noticed it the most when I applied my Make Up. That really changed my Skin game. When people specially Beauty experts say that drink water and do a regular Facial regime, they mean it you really do see a massive change. I totally go by that now.

After a Month of drinking the water I stopped as my hubby had an op and I got so busy with Family and looking after kids & hubby I acutely forgot to drink my 2 litre. I went back to hardly drinking anything. Omg that really took me back to bad skin and getting so tired after everything I did. That was really a good test for me as I noticed how my Skin and Body reacted to just drinking water to not drinking water.

Now for those who ask me is it good? Does it really work? Yesssssssssssssssssssssss is my answer. It really does change you. You have to be drinking Water constantly to see a difference. You cant just start then stop for two days then start again. It wont work. You have to stick to and have it regularly.

Ok so when starting a 2 litre Water Challenge, I would recommend having a 2 Litre bottle ready and with you all the time. That way you know how much your drinking plus you have it in hand to always remember to sip away. Don't forget there are so many other benefits to drinking water.

Let me know if you'd like a YouTube Video on this and any further info :) am happy to help

Good Luck and Start today

Shahnaz xx

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