My Pick
Finishing off your face make up or even body make up with a beautiful highlight completes a look. From everyday wear to Party to Media. Its a must ;)

I have selected few great Highlighters that I always use and totally recommend. It does exactly what it should and even picks up on photos as well as shows off those stunning cheek bones / under brows or even collar bones.

INGLOT - Sparkling Dust - Face, Eyes , Body
Used not just for highlighting but mix with foundation and give your self a stunning glow.

Heres a Published Image of My Make Up using the Highlighter to Finish this Bridal Look. Look how it catches your eyes and Hightlights beautifuly on the nose and cheek area.

BODY SHOP -Brush on Buff -  Perles De Soleil Caramel
Pearl balls that have a hint of pink shimmer to it. Beautiful summer finish.
The selected Highlighters can be used on any skin tone or skin type. If you haven't used any or even applied a Highlighter on your face / body ... 

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