Nude Gloss and Lip Liner !

On my previous blog, I've taken out the Nude Lipsticks from this small collection... I will be giving you ladies more details on the Lip Gloss and Lip Liners I have selected from this Nude collection...
The three Lip Glosses I have chosen are simply outstanding and noticeable on all Lips:
Inglot Lip Duo - Number 21 - Has two Pinky tones in one tube.
M.A.C - Dazzelglass - Creamy Pink - Light Pink Tube.
M.A.C - Dreamy - Nude Pink with hint of Glitter.
The Two Liners:
M.A.C - Subculture Lip Pencil
M.A.C - Soar Lip Pencil
These Glosses and Liners are not just impressive on its own but Marvellous on layered Lip wear. The Liner tones can be bases to any coloured Lipsticks or even the Glosses to finish off any Lipsticks. All very natural yet allows your lip to bring out a little colour.
My Favourite Combo and most used on a lot of my clients and brides - Soar Lip Pencil as base, topped with M.A.C Twig all over and to finish off with a Dazzelglass or Inglot Lip Duo.
Such beautiful Colours mixed into one... its a MUST for all you Nude Lovers !!
If you haven't tried out layering or my technique to keeping your lipstick lasting longer... don't wait - TRY IT TODAY....

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