How to get your Lipstick lasting longer...

Here's my take and technique on how to keep your Lipstick lasting longer
* Apply your Concealer / Foundation all over your Lips
* I use my fingers to get an even coverage
* Using a small power brush - Dust over a translucent power all over the Lips
* Now outline your Lips with your Lip Liner and then colour in the rest of the inner Lips
* Using either a Lip brush or straight from the Lipstick tube, apply your Lipstick all our the Lips
* To finish the Lips, using your Concealer or Foundation, clean the outer line of your Lips to give it a clean finish
The most important technique on making any product last longer is to  BUILD UP LAYERS.. start of with less and keep adding more as you apply
x X x    :)    x X x

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