Get Your Lips Ready to Rock any Lipstick or Gloss !

This Month I'll be writing up ALL about LIPS ... Lipsticks, Lip Products, How to and What to use..

The first part is getting your Lips luscious for your PERFECT Lipstick..

As Winter is here... its cold, dry weather does not help. Our Lips get all Cracked, Dry and obviously not in a good condition for applying any lip product..  Now that's not attractive!!

Exfoliating is the way to go.. Keep reading as I'll talk through my quick easy step by step routines on how to exfoliate and get those lips smooth for your Lipstick or Gloss.


How to Exfolaite :

* Using a clean/ new toothbrush.. dab water all over your lips.
* In circular movements, gently scrub from one side to the other..
* Start off first top lip followed by the bottom lip.
* This may need to be repeated a few times depending on how dry/cracked your lips is.
* Dry lips and use your fingers to gently rub off any dead skin.
* Do Not Peel any dead skin off....
* Now using a lip balm / Vaseline or my favourite - M.A.C Lip Conditioner, Apply all over lips.

You will notice how plumped and smooth your lips will feel after exfoliating. Allow your lip conditioner to hydrate your lips for few minutes before applying your lipstick.

That's my Simple way of getting your Lips Rocking your Lipstick for any Occasion!!

Heres a Quick Video I created a while back using Flipagram on how to get the Perfect Lips

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